9th Low Brass International Academy and Festival · Alcobaça

August 26th to 30th, 2019

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Gravíssimo! is a Low Brass International Academy and Festival under the artistic direction of musicians Sérgio Carolino (tuba) and Hugo Assunção (trombone), which aims to show its participants and the general public the versatility of these instruments, working various styles of music. Held annually in Alcobaça, in the last week of August, the festival brings together a significant number of participants, national and international, from the most diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds. Throughout this week, learning is promoted through the sharing of experiences among all and with invited artists and teachers of recognized international value.
Along with Academy work, between masterclasses and workshops, Gravíssimo! also presents a strong artistic component bringing the general public the possibility to see the performances of the invited artists and the participants involved through a daily concert schedule, which earned the recognition of Remarkable Festival by the EFA (European Festivals Association) through the attribution of the EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) label since 2017.

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Academia de Música de Alcobaça
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General rules for the next edition of Gravíssimo! are already available

16 Apr 2019

Prices and registration period for the 9th Alcobaça Low Brass International Academy and Festival can be consulted at the festival's site
General rules are already available for Gravíssimo! 9th Alcobaça Low Brass International Academy and Festival, an event that will take place in Alcobaça from August 26th to 30th and whose registration period has two distinct phases, between May 1st and August 16th, with the following values: €100 (May 1st to June 30th), €120 (July 1st to August 16th) and €150 (July 16th to August 17th). The registration of Alcobaça Music Academy students has a single fee of €90.
Gravíssimo! is a true event in the field of low brass held annually in the last week of August under the artistic direction of musicians Sérgio Carolino (tuba) and Hugo Assunção (trombone), which aims to show its participants and the general public the versatility of these instruments, working various styles of music.
In these last days, some of the confirmed names for the next edition have been advanced, such as the guest artists Gene Pokorny (tuba), Robin Eubanks (trombone), Anthony Caillet (euphonium), Jon Hansen (tuba), Ricardo Antão (euphonium) and Nuno Martins (trombone).
Know the General Rules for the next edition here »

Gravíssimo! is one of the finalists (TOP10) in the category Best Academic Festival of the Iberian Festival Awards

31 Jan 2019

The winner will be known on March 13th at a gala at the Teatro Afundación in Vigo that will have web, radio (live) and TV (delayed) transmission

Gravíssimo! – Low Brass International Academy and Festival, organized by the Banda de Alcobaça/Alcobaça Music Academy in a partnership with the Municipality of Alcobaça, is one of the finalists (TOP10) in the category Best Academic Festival for the 4th edition of the Iberian Festival Awards, an organization by APORFEST – Portuguese Association of Music Festivals that aims to distinguish the best festivals that take place in Portugal and Spain.

The Iberian Festival Awards, included in the Talkfest – 8th International Forum of Music Festivals, had, according to the organization, a record of the number of applications and a higher quality in the information provided by its applicants, a fact that values even more the shortlisting of one of the only low brass academy and festival held in our country and a true international reference.

Combining the quality of academic training with a growing artistic identity in the program of the Gravíssimo! festival, which has maintained since 2013 a dual artistic direction by the renowned musicians Sérgio Carolino (tuba) and Hugo Assunção (trombone), this is a project that assembles numerous national and international participants, coming from various cultural and artistic backgrounds, internationally recognized, since 2015, with the EFFE “Remarkable Festival” label, by the European Festivals Association along with the European Union, in two consecutive biennia (2015-2016 and 2018-2019).

Cistermúsica and Gravíssimo! festivals are nominated for the Iberian Festival Awards!

6 Dec 2018

Two of the competing categories can be voted by the public until December 31

Cistermúsica – Alcobaça Music Festival and Gravíssimo! – Low Brass International Academy and Festival, organized by the Alcobaça Band/Alcobaça Music Academy in partnership with the Municipality of Alcobaça, are part of the list of nominees for the 4th edition of the Iberian Festival Awards, unveiled this week. The Iberian Festival Awards aim to distinguish the best festivals that take place in Portugal and Spain, and are inserted in the Talkfest - 8th International Forum of Music Festivals, events promoted by the Portuguese Association of Music Festivals that will take place next March, in Vigo and Lisbon, respectively.

Cistermúsica and Gravíssimo! festivals were nominated for 3 of the 22 categories in the competition and are a unique case in the Iberian panorama, since there is no other entity, at least outside the logic of the big festivals, with two festivals included in this competition, both being carried out in a medium-sized city of Portugal: Alcobaça (although Cistermúsica presents a part of the programming in other counties of the country through networks of cultural cooperation that have been established over the last years).

Cistermúsica seeks recognition on two fronts: Best Small Festival and Best Cultural Program. In the first category, it stands out as one of the few classical music festivals in the competition and, within this range, is perhaps the most eclectic one (it is not by chance that the theme of the 2018 edition was "Music Without Borders"), once that the program includes all sorts of ensembles, from recitals to great symphonic orchestras, including vocal groups and chamber music that annually present works from all periods of the history of music. Also the multidisciplinarity of its programming sections, developed by Junior and Families (dedicated to training and didactic activities) and OFF (which includes other artistic domains and musical genres besides classical music, as was the case of contemporary dance, jazz, cinema, inclusive theater, among others, in 2018), makes it a strong candidate for the second category mentioned above, which will be decided by a jury.

In turn, Gravíssimo!, the only serious low brass academy and festival that takes place in our country and which is already an international reference, seeks to obtain recognition as Best Academic Festival, a category in which it distinguishes itself from the other candidates by combining training with a music festival dimension. The vote for the 13 categories decided by the public, as well the aforementioned Best Small Festival and Best Academic Festival, are already available on the Talkfest website and run until 31 December. The winners will be announced on March 13 at a gala at Teatro Afundación in Vigo, where Alcobaça festivals seek once again recognition for their work of excellence.

It should be noted that both Cistermúsica and Gravíssimo! have received international recognition in recent years, particularly with the award EFFE "Remarkable Festival" by the European Festivals Association and the European Union in two consecutive biennia (2015-2016 and 2018-2019). Both festivals have a strong link with heritage, programming most of its activities at the Monastery of Alcobaça (World Heritage) and among other artistic goals are the valuing of young national and international values. In 2018, both Cistermúsica (26th edition) and Gravíssimo! (8th edition) gathered once again the best critics as were a public success with many of its concerts and other parallel activities sold out.

8th edition of Gravíssimo! has its entries officially open

14 May 2018

General rules and online registration form for the 8th Low Brass International Academy and Festival are already available

The entries are already open for Gravíssimo! 8th Low Brass International Academy and Festival, an event that will take place in Alcobaça from August 27th to 31st and whose registration period has three distinct phases, between May 14th and August 17th, with the following values: €100 (May 14th to June 15th), €120 (June 16th to July 15th) and €150 (July 16th to August 17th). The registration of Alcobaça Music Academy students has a single fee of €90.

Gravíssimo! is a true event in the field of low brass held annually in the last week of August under the artistic direction of musicians Sérgio Carolino (tuba) and Hugo Assunção (trombone), which aims to show its participants and the general public the versatility of these instruments, working various styles of music.

Along with Academy work, between masterclasses and workshops, Gravíssimo! also presents a strong artistic component bringing the general public the possibility to see the performances of the invited artists and participants involved through a daily program of concerts,

Know the general rules here »

Save the date: from August 27th to 31st Gravíssimo! is back for its 8th edition

27 Mar 2018

Festival directed by the famous Alcobaça musicians Sérgio Carolino and Hugo Assunção will open entries soon

Alcobaça Music Academy (AMA) is already preparing the next Gravíssimo! Low Brass International Academy Festival, an ambitious project that will have its 8th edition and will be held between August 27th and 31st, promising to be a true musical event in the field of low brass instruments.

With the artistic direction of the famous Alcobaça musicians Sérgio Carolino and Hugo Assunção, Gravíssimo! is held at AMA and Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça - João d'Oliva Monteiro, being an event specially aimed for music students from Conservatories, Professional Schools, Academies, Polytechnic Institutes and Universities, as also for amateur musicians who are interested in developing their technical and artistic level.

Sérgio Carolino (Principal Tuba of Casa da Música Porto Symphony Orchestra, International Yamaha Artist, Professor at the Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment of Porto Polytechnic Institute) and Hugo Assunção (First Trombone of Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Trombone at the Évora University and Lisbon Superior School of Music) are, as usual, the hosts on the lands of Cistercian, welcoming at this event musicians from various origins and backgrounds.

Opening Concert altered from the Monastery of Alcobaça to the Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça

28 Aug 2017

The Opening Concert of Gravíssimo! scheduled for the Monastery of Alcobaça, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., was changed to the Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça due to the inconstancy of the weather during the present day and tomorrow, reasons to which the organization is totally unaware.

For this reason, the Direction of the Festival and International Academy of Grave Metals apologize sincerely, reaffirming that this Concert will take place at the same time.

We also remember that this concert, titled "aBRASSsivo", will feature the Portuguese Youth Brass Ensemble Massive Brass Attack! and the following soloists: Sérgio Carolino, Shimpei Tsugita, Gene Pokorny, Gabriel Antão, David Bruchez, Ricardo Carvalhoso, Justin Clark and Ricardo Antão.

Five days with our eyes set on the versatility of low brass instruments

24 Aug 2017

Gravíssimo! brings us 7 concerts and recitals with musicians from the four corners of the world

From August 29 to September 2, the 7th edition of Gravíssimo! - Low Brass International Academy and Festival brings to the city of Alcobaça, which becomes the World Capital of Low Brass, some of the most renowned international names.

From the four corners of the world, from Japan to the United States, through Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Brazil, musicians gather in Alcobaça to share experiences and transmit knowledge to about 90 enrolled students, from 8 different nationalities.

Under the usual artistic direction of renowned Alcobaca musicians Sérgio Carolino and Hugo Assunção, Gravíssimo !, which aims to demonstrate the versatility of low brass, explores music in various levels, from chamber music to jazz, focusing on the ensemble's artistic work development and in the continuous improvement of the participants individual technique.

For five days, the seven concerts and recitals of Gravíssimo !, which feature presentations by several Portuguese and international musicians, will have two of the most emblematic places of the city: the Monastery of Alcobaça and the Wine Museum.

One of the main highlights is the TGB concert, inserted in the spectacles cycle Monastery of Alcobaça/World Heritage Places of the Center Region, that will act on August 31, Thursday, at 10.30, in front of the South Wing of the Monastery of Alcobaça, in a show of free entrance.

The Soloists Recital, scheduled for September 1 at 9:00 pm in the D. Afonso VI Cloister of the Monastery of Alcobaça, precedes another high moment of the Gravíssimo! program, the concert The Devil's Blow - Tuba Unit! Feat Jon Sass, at 10:45 pm, also in front of the South Wing of the monument and with free entrance.

Organized and produced by the Band of Alcobaça/Alcobaça Music Academy (AMA), Gravíssimo !, has, year after year, attracted the attention of a larger and more numerous audience, being currently an initiative with great repercussion internationally, with european recognition as Remarkable Festival through the seal EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe).

Gravíssimo! has not only succeeded in the world of music and this thursday saw its website selected for the CSS Light gallery, a platform that presents and promotes new talents and trends in the world of design, highlighting its unique characteristics in terms of presentation, creativity , aesthetics and coding.

Following the last editions success, the organization intends to continue to raise the name of the festival which, in addition to receiving prestigious names from the world of low brass music, promotes young artists, meetings, concerts and unique experiences for both students and attending public.

So, no lack of reasons for the public to return to Alcobaça, between August 29 and September 2, and assure its presence in the 7th edition of Gravíssimo! - Low Brass International Academy and Festival, a true musical event in the field of low brass instruments.

Gravíssimo! turns Alcobaça once again into the world’s capital of low brass from August 29 to September 2

20 Jun 2017

Entries are open for the festival led by the renowned Alcobaça musicians Sérgio Carolino and Hugo Assunção

August 29 to September 2: these are the dates for this year in which Alcobaça Music Academy (AMA) promotes again the Gravíssimo! 7th Low Brass International Academy Festival, a true musical event in the field of low brass instruments that, after six editions, takes this year another stage in its ambitious course.

With the usual artistic direction of the renowned Alcobaça musicians Sérgio Carolino and Hugo Assunção, Gravíssimo! is held at AMA and Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça - João d'Oliva Monteiro and has now open entries, being an event specially aimed for music students from Conservatories, Professional Schools, Academies, Polytechnic Institutes and Universities, as also for amateur musicians who are interested in developing their technical and artistic level.

Sérgio Carolino (Principal Tuba of Casa da Música Porto Symphony Orchestra, International Yamaha Artist, Professor at the Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment of Porto Polytechnic Institute) and Hugo Assunção (First Trombone of Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Trombone at the Évora University and Lisbon Superior School of Music) are once again the hosts on the lands of Cistercian, welcoming at this event musicians from various origins and backgrounds.

Download the Registration Form (contains biographies, general rules, modality registration, etc.):

Portuguese Version »

English Version »


Elizabeth Raum

Elizabeth Raum's works have been heard throughout North America, Europe, South America, China, Japan, and Russia, and have been broadcast extensively on the CBC. She has also written for film and video and has won awards for the documentaries, Saskatchewan River; Like Mother, Like Daughter; and the feature length film, Sparkle. She produced Canada's first classical video with originally written music entitled, Evolution: A Theme With Variations, which was premiered at a gala event at the CBC in 1986. An extremely prolific composer, her works include 4 operas, over 80 chamber pieces including interactive soundscapes with live performer, 17 vocal works, choral works including an oratorio, several ballets, concerts and major orchestral works. She enjoys the reputation of being one of Canada's most "accessible" composers, writing for variety mediums and in remarkably diverse styles. Raum has been commissioned by such prestigious organizations as the Winnipeg Ballet, the Calgary Philharmonic, Symphony Nova Scotia, the Nexus Percussion Ensemble, the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, and the St. Lawrence String Quartet. Raum has a number of commercial CDs listed, including "How Bodies Leave Ecstatic Marks”, the CD on which her "Dark Thoughts" was the winning entry for Best Classical Composition for the 2008 Western Music Award. In November, 2010, Ms. Raum was awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. She is also included in the New Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians, the New Grove's Dictionary of Opera, and the New Grove's Dictionary of Women Composers as well as numerous other publications.

Telmo Marques

Pianist and composer from Porto, professor at ESMAE – Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment of Porto (Musical Analysis and Jazz Orchestra), holds activity as a concert player in recitals, training actions and educational concerts.

José Martínez


A native of Chelva (Spain), Jose Martínez was introduced to music at the Regional School of Music in his hometown. Later on, it was crucial the influence of Sergio Finca, the instruction of Ramiro Tejero and the attendance to the Spanish Brass Academy in order to improve and strengthen his musical abilities. Educational residencies in Sweden (University of Gothenburg) and the United States of America (Boston University, Chicago Negaunee Music Institute, New York Philharmonic Global Academy and University of Redlands) were tremendously beneficial in his professional training. A passionate orchestral player, Martinez was a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Academy where he regularly played with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and was guided by Gene Pokorny, a vital mentor in his development. Other commitments include performances with Boston Symphony and Pops, Chicago Symphony, Gothenburg Symphony, Jalisco Philharmonic, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, Naples Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, New World Symphony, Porto Symphony, Saint Louis Symphony or World Brass. Jose Martinez is currently completing a doctorate in music at Boston University under the guidance of Mike Roylance, his most important mentor both musically and personally since 2011, while performing for the National Orchestra of Spain, brassONEquintet and the duo 2Arts!.


Ricardo Mollá


Ricardo Mollá studied composition and trombone at the Conservatorio Superior de Música Oscar Esplá in Alicante (Spain) with Joan Enric Canet (composition) and Javier Garcia (trombone) and at the Hochschule für Musik, Theatre und Medien Hannover (Germany) with Jonas Blyund (trombone). He was awarded a scholarship by the Artists’ Society of Spain (AIE) and Foundation JONDE-BBVA to study at the prestigious The Juilliard School of New York where he is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Classical Music. At this school, he had the opportunity to study Musical Production and Musical Technology respectively with Greg Kalember and Mari Kimura. His debut as a soloist was in Carnegie Hall (Recital Weill) after winning the first prize in the New York Artist International Competition. Throughout his career, Ricardo has received awards in more than twenty national and international competitions, has played as a soloist in several events worldwide as well as he has collaborated with many professional orchestras. In the field of pedagogy, he has been invited to give courses, masterclasses, and talks in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. As a composer, he has worked for many different musical ensembles, including solo pieces with or without piano accompaniment, chamber music (string quartet, brass quintet, trombone quartet, trombone choir, brass ensemble, trio of trombone, trumpet, and piano), choir, wind band, and symphony orchestra. Some of his works have been played by musicians from the best orchestras in the world.

Hélène Escriva


Hélène belongs to the new generation of euphonious and bass trumpet players, renowned for their curiosity, dynamism and that are eager to give particular attention to these instruments through ensemble music (she is founding member of the Saxback Ensemble, is part of the Brass Sextet NoSlide, of the Duo Oneto-Bensaid/Escriva, of the Bokeh Tuba Quintet, of the “La Pieuvre” Company, and of the Symphonie de Poche, among others). To create a new repertoire for euphonious is a vital part of her work, and for this reason, she collaborates with several composers, such as Nicolas Worms, Camille Pépin, Gabriel Philippot, Maxime Aulio, Jean-Michel Maury. She studied at the Conservatory of Music in Paris (CNSM) in 2012, obtaining a Master Degree in 2017, approved with praise and distinction. She was awarded in several competitions all over the world and she is frequently invited to work with important conductors and Orchestras, such as Opéra de Paris, Orchestre Les Dissonances, Orchestre des Pays de la Loire, Orchestre National de Lille, Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse, Orchestre Philarmonique de Radio France, Orchestre de l’Opéra National de Lorraine, Orchestre des Frivolités Parisiennes, Orchestre de la Symphonie de Poche, l’Orchestre Français des Jeunes. She has also participated in several European and international festivals. She was awarded by the Yamaha Foundation and the Meyer Foundation in 2015. She is a Yamaha artist, represented by the Matrisse Productions.

François Thuillier


François Thuillier belongs to the new generation of tuba players, renowned for their knowledge, enquiring minds and inventive style and known for playing a wide range of jazz and improvisational music with symphonic orchestras. He began his music career in Doullens and then, after various awards in the Music Conservatoires of Amiens, Lille and Roubaix, he was offered a place in the CNSM (Conservatoire de Paris) in 1986, where he was taught by F.Lelong and received 3 first prizes in Saxhorn, Tuba and in Chamber Music. At the same time, he registered in the CIM (School of Jazz and Modern Music) in the Jazz Composition Department and continued his musical education with Ph.Legris, who was known for his work with contemporary music and musical theatre. He joined the ‘Gardiens de la Paix’ Harmony Orchestra in Paris in 1989 and since then has to lead a career as a member of the orchestra, soloist and Jazzman. As a brilliant soloist in all genres of music and a skilled improviser, he is playing and recording all over the world in various orchestras and ensembles. He is an author of educational books and his discography includes almost 200 CDs with 25 to his name. François Thuillier plays using a Yamaha Tuba, a Romera Brass mouthpiece (Spain) and Schlipfinger mutes (Austria). He has been the artistic director for the Jazz Festival in Montinvillers since 2004 and the artistic director for the Brass Festival «Amiens joue des cuivres» since 2016.

Ricardo Carvalhoso


One of the most acclaimed tuba players of his generation, Ricardo Carvalhoso has been consolidating a remarkable international career, playing in professional orchestras in France, Switzerland, and Germany. As a concert tubist, he takes part regularly in the most important concert halls in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Tokyo, London, and New York. Between 2012 and 2015 he was tuba soloist at the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra, presenting himself as a solo artist in 2014, under the direction of Walter Hilgers, interpreting the Concert for Tuba and Orchestra by Ralph Vaughan Williams. From 2015 until 2017 he assumed the same position in the Opera of Zurich. He is currently a member of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, that is well known for its unique sound and the great personalities of its conductors. As a soloist he was awarded in numerous occasions, among which are worth mentioning the Prémio Jovens Músicos 2009, the Brass Instrument Competition of Valle d’Aosta, the International Tuba Competition “Ville d'Avray” in Paris and the Kiefer Hablitzel Foundation award. Ricardo Carvalhoso is a guest lecturer at several European universities, and usually, he gives masterclasses all over the world.

Christian Jones


Christian Jones began playing the trombone at the age of ten and progressed through the excellent local music service before entering London's Royal Academy of Music (RAM) in 1998. Appointed bass trombone in the BBC National Orchestra of Wales in 2001, aged 20, Christian was permitted to complete his studies at RAM with Bob Hughes and graduated with first-class honours in July 2002, a month before joining the Philharmonia Orchestra of London. After a decade of performing worldwide and a year as deputy chairman, he relocated to Yorkshire with wife Katy Jones and their young family in 2012. Appointed in 2015 as Bass Trombone tutor at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, Christian also coaches regularly with the Brass Academy and National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. He plays bass and contrabass trombones in the Orchestra of Opera North since 2012. As a soloist, he has served on the faculty of Dublin Brass Week (2015), the Arctic Trombone Festival (2016), Glasgow Trombone Week (2017) and the Hungarian Trombone Bootcamp (2018). Christian also takes a keen interest in helping to promote the trombone to a wider public and served as President of the British Trombone Society 2013-15, during which time he appeared as the mystery guest on the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show to an estimated audience of 9.8 million listeners! 2017 saw the launch of his YouTube channel, currently featuring over 60 videos including the world’s first comprehensive and open-access series of orchestral and operatic excerpt demonstrations for bass and contrabass trombone. Away from music, Christian loves eating (good food and lots of it), swimming in the sea (the colder the better), chasing around after his children, and walking, running and cycling in the countryside!


Jon Hansen


Jon Hansen is an American tubist, composer, and producer, currently based in Zürich. He has performed/recorded with The Fabulous Party Boys, Ahamefule J. Oluo's Now I'm Fine, ODESZA, The Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, The Polyrhythmics, Pickwick, Industrial Revelation, Heatwarmer, The Seattle Symphony, Tubaluba, Katie Kuffel, All-Star Opera, and has been a featured soloist in North America, Europe, and Asia. Jon studied tuba with Chris Olka (DMA, MM, University of Washington), Jim Self, Norm Pearson (BMA University of Southern California), and Sérgio Carolino. Jon's compositions have been performed/recorded in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America by Sérgio Carolino, TAZ, Mr SC and the Wildbones Gang, Steve Rosse, Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto, Danny Helseth, Surrealistic Discussion, Aaron Tindall, and ensembles at Cal State University Long Beach, Tennessee Tech University, Ithaca College, the University of Washington, and others.

Anthony Caillet


Anthony Caillet took up the euphonium at an early age, not long before the instrument met the success which it enjoys in France today. Graduate at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris, laureate of the most prestigious international competitions and of many jazz springboards, Anthony knows “you can do anything with a euphonium”! Proving the point, he performs with leading orchestras (Orchestre de Paris, Orchestre National de France, Ensemble Inter-Contemporain...) as well as with smaller formations (Bokeh Tuba Quintet, Smoking Mouse, Melusine...), travels the world as a soloist or accompanied, and creates new pieces by calling upon composers and musicians from different  musical backgrounds. He opens up new horizons both for himself and other musicians. A Yamaha artist.

Robin Eubanks


Robin Eubanks is the premier jazz trombonist of his generation. Whether performing with his groups, Mental Images or EB3 or with The SFJazz Collective, Dave Holland Quintet / Big Band, Robin is an artist whose impact on audiences has proven powerful and lasting. Robin was born to a very musical family: His brother, Kevin Eubanks, was the musical director for The Tonight Show; their mother is a music educator; another brother, Duane, is a renown trumpet player; and their Uncle Ray Bryant was a prominent jazz pianist in his own right. Robin’s musical education began at the age of eight and continued through college when he graduated cum laude from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. As a student, he studied not only trombone but also Music Theory, Harmony, Composition and Arranging. Following his graduation, the young trombonist moved to New York City where he began a career that has since yielded an amazing array of collaborations with such notable artists as Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Eddie Palmieri, Sun Ra, Barbra Streisand, The Rolling Stones and Talking Heads – just to name a few. He’s won Grammys for his performances on Michael Brecker’s Wide Angles and Dave Holland’s What Goes Around and Overtime. Robin taught at The Oberlin College Conservatory for 20 years. He was a tenured Professor of Jazz Trombone and Jazz Composition. He also taught, among others, at Berklee College of Music and at New England Conservatory. In 2014, Robin won the Jazz Times Critics Poll for Best Trombonist and is a multiple winner of Downbeat’s Readers and Critics Polls for Trombonist of the Year. He’s also won compositional grants from Chamber Music America and an ASCAP Composer’s grant. As with his performing career, his compositional interests are staggeringly diverse. Musically fluent, but also stylistically multilingual, the eclectic composer speaks a variety of musical “languages”. How does he do it? The key appears to be a combination of having complete command of his craft, but also an innate gift that can sound like a combination of math and magic.

Gene Pokorny


Gene Pokorny has been the tuba player in the Chicago Symphony since 1989. He has previously been the tuba player in the Israel Philharmonic, the Utah Symphony, the St. Louis Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic . In addition to playing film scores in Hollywood (“Jurassic Park”, “The Fugitive”, etc.), he has played in chamber music, opera orchestras and orchestra festivals worldwide. Man first landed on the moon almost exactly 50 years ago (July, 1969). The Apollo spacecraft which made that voyage to the moon was built about a mile away from where Pokorny grew up. He studied tuba in Southern California with Jeffrey Reynolds, Larry Johansen, Tommy Johnson and Roger Bobo. When he isn’t counting rests in the back row of the stage of Orchestra Hall, he teaches worldwide and assisted Rolling Stones’ trombonist, Michael Davis, in the production of various warm-up books. He has several educational and solo recordings. He has received an Outstanding Alumnus Award and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Southern California and the University of Redlands, respectively. Gene is a member of the Union Pacific (Railroad) Historical Society and spends time as a “foamer” (watching and chasing trains). He is a card-carrying member of The Three Stooges Fan Club (a “victim of soicumstances!”) and is an avid enthusiast of his good friend David “Red” Lehr, the greatest Dixieland sousaphonist in the known universe. Gene, his wife Beth Lodal (also a tuba player) and their basset hounds, (non-musicians who happen to have real lives), regularly forage from their refrigerator, which is located in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago.

Will Druiett


Renowned British musician Will Druiett began playing a Tuba at the age of 10, before quickly becoming a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.

Druiett’s exceptional talent was soon realised and, at just 14 years old, he was invited to join the world famous Brighouse & Rastrick Band under the direction of Prof. David King.

Shortly after he turned 15, Druiett won the ITEC Young Tuba Artist Competition in Linz 2012, where he gained international attention for his achievements.

Alongside this, Druiett has studied with the likes of Roger Bobo, Andreas Hofmeir, Sérgio Carolino, Hans Nickel, and currently is under the mentorship of Rex Martin and Paul Halwax.

Previously a member of Nationaal Jeugd Orkest and Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, Druiett has recently worked with Vlaamse Opera & Ballet, La Monnaie De Munt, The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and Opera Nova Bydgoszcz.

Druiett has appeared in recital throughout Europe from an early age, including the Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto with the Jenaer Philharmonie in the Weimarhalle at the age of 16. Druiett also opened the Balkan Trafic Festival at BOZAR Brussels, with Goran Bregovi? & His Wedding and Funeral Orchestra.

Druiett is now in constant demand giving masterclasses & recitals worldwide.

Sérgio Carolino


Collector of music works, records, awards, compliments, reputation, sunglasses, hashtags and selfies. Source of creativity and virtuosity. Eclectic, original and visionary. Curious by definition. Adventurous by choice. Owner of a pure heart and of Sparky, the Basset Hound. Transpires musicality and works to achieve excellence. Passionate about life, loves cinema, mythology, reading, fishing and spending time with his friends. Anyone who crosses with him will never forget him and leave, of that encounter, humanly and professionally richer. He has always shown great curiosity and ability to explore different musical paths and languages. Currently his international reputation has been established by his interpretation of the standard and contemporary repertoire for tuba and his stylistic approach to jazz, funk and improvised music. Sérgio Carolino, is one of the most acclaimed tubists, with constant activity as a soloist and teacher in the most prestigious festivals, conservatories and universities of the five continents. Received for four times the Roger Bobo Award Prize for Excellence in Recording (2008, 2010, 2012 e 2014), the Award for Emerging Jazz Artist (2004), the Carlos Paredes Prize (2004) and won the SPA Award 2013 - Classical Music Category (Portuguese Author’s Society) for the works published in 2012 and for promoting Portuguese music throughout the World. TGB, TUBAX Duo, TUBAB Duo, R’B&MrSC, The Postcard Brass Band, XL Duo, Surrealistic Discussion, Duo AR., SubWoof3r, Tuba&Drums Double Duo, Duo Adamastor, Funky Bones Factory!, Yamaha Tuba Duo, Moderato Tangabile, T’N T, Mr.SC & The Wild Bones Gang, European Tuba Trio, Massive Brass Attack!, Intergalactic Vibes!, Crossfade Ensemble, run in his veins. Sérgio Carolino is, since 2002, principal solo tuba in the Porto Symphony Orchestra Casa da Música, Yamaha International Artist, exclusive artist of the Artistic Platform Palco Improvisado. Plays with his own signature design and concept mouthpieces by Brass Lab MoMo made by master Hirotaka Nakai (Osaka/Japan), with the muted "Mushroom Cup Mute", manufactured by Johann Schlipfinger. Sérgio is also a professor at the School of Music and Arts of the Spectacle (ESMAE) of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and Artistic Director of the world famous Gravíssimo! – Alcobaça Low Brass International Academy and Festival.

Hugo Assunção

Tenor Trombone

Born in Vestiaria (Alcobaça) in 1969. In 1983 joined the National Conservatory of Music, in the Class of Professor Emídio Coutinho. During his academic career, he studied with the most diverse young orchestras, including the Portuguese Youth Orchestra, Youth Symphony Orchestra and Mediterranean Youth Orchestra. He was a guest musician with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Orchestra; Régie Symphony Orchestra; Classical Orchestra of Porto; São Carlos Theater National Orchestra; Madeira Classical Orchestra; Orchestra of Algarve; Lisbon Sinfonietta Orchestra; Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra; Porto Symphony Orchestra Casa da Música; Warsaw Symphony Orchestra; Jazz Orchestra of Matosinhos and Jazz Orchestra of Hot Clube de Portugal. Between 1988 and 1992 he was the First Trombone place in the São Carlos Theater National Orchestra. He was a member of Orchestrutópica. He was a founding member and main promoter of some of the first metal groups created in Portugal: Hot Brass Quintet , Lisbon Brass Decatect , Portuguese Trombones Ensemble, Portuguese Brass Quintet, Brass Quintet of the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra. In 1997 he created the APPIS Newspaper Trombonists Nucleus, the first specialized publication created in Portugal, distributed to more than 300 trombonists throughout the country. He taught at the Aveiro University, ESMAE – Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment (Porto), Espinho Professional Music School and Gualdim Pais Professional School in Tomar. He was Professor of Trombone and Chamber Music in the Music Courses of Pousos (Leiria), Loures and Caldas da Rainha. He is regularly invited to teach Masterclasses in Portugal and abroad. He organized courses with several trombonists, including the renowned American jazz trombonists Conrad Herwig, Ed Neumeister and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra's First Trombone – Joseph Alessi. In 2006 he recorded two CDs for Afinaudio label, a solo project – Vox Gabrieli, and another as leader of the Trombones Portuguese Ensemble – A Different Era. In 2012 he recorded a double CD with Mr. SC & The Wild Bones Gang. In August of 2014 he recorded a second album with the group Mr. SC & The Wild Bones Gang, participating as soloist alongside names like Eugene Pokorny (tuba solo of the Chicago Orchestra), Shimpei Tsugita (tuba solo of Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra), Eijiro Nakagawa (trombone/composer and Yamaha artist) and Demondrae Thurman (euphonium, Sotto Voce Quartet). In November 2016 he recorded an album with the band Crossfade in collaboration with Daniel Bernardes (piano and project leader), João Barradas (accordion), Sérgio Carolino (tuba), Ricardo Toscano (saxophone and clarinet), Jeffrey Davis Mário Marques (saxophone). In 2016 he was the Musical Director of The BellsBrass Ensemble during the recording of an album in which the international soloist Sérgio Carolino participated. In 2017 he was the Music Director invited to lead the metal ensemble Massive Brass Attack (ESMAE) in a record with international soloists Sérgio Carolino and Nimrod Ron. Along with tuba player Sérgio Carolino, he is Musical Director of one of the most prestigious international low brass festivals, GRAVÍSSIMO! Low Brass International Academy and Festival, held annually in Alcobaça. He teaches Trombone and Chamber Music subjects at Lisbon Superior Music School. Currently he is Musical Director of The BellsBrass Ensemble and the ensemble of brass and percussion ESML Brass Crew, and Artistic Director of the group Mr. SC & the Wild Bones Gang. He is First Trombone/Section Coordinator of the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra.

Rúben da Luz

Tenor Trombone

Freelance trombonist, winner of the Young Musicians Award, with collaborations at the orchestras Gulbenkian, Régie do Porto, Clássica da Madeira. In the pop and jazz area, he worked with Lenine, Zeca Baleiro, Tito Paris, Waldemar Bastos, Jorge Palma, Ala dos Namorados, The Gift, The Postcard Brass Band, Rui Veloso, Sérgio Godinho, Deolinda, Uxu Kalhus, Áurea, Orq, Jazz do Hot Clube de Portugal, L.U.M.E., Orq. Jazz de Matosinhos, Bob Stewart, John Ellis, Perico Sambeat, Nelson Cascais, Orq. Jazz de Leiria, Orq. Jazz da Nazaré, etc. As a studio musician, he has credit on about 60 records.

Rui Bandeira

Bass Trombone

Rui Pedro Reis Lopes Bandeira was born in Vilarandelo, Valpaços in 1987. He began his musical studies at the age of 9 on piano and guitar at the Osnabrück school with professor Francisco d'Outel. At 11 years of age, he learned to play flugelhorn in the Vilarandelo Philharmonic Band. At the age of 14, he went to the Orfeão de Ovar Music Academy, learning trombone in the class of Professor Rui Pedro Alves. At 16, he entered the Espinho Professional School of Music where he successfully completed the course in the class of Professor Alexandre Vilela. He attended the Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment (ESMAE) in Porto, in the Jazz – Trombone course with Professors Lars Arens and Paulo Perfeito. He is a member of European Movement Jazz Orchestra, Mr. SC and Wild Bones, Big Band Estarrejazz, Funky Bones Factory, New Sketch, Souq, Fanfarra Kaustika, Orquestra de Jazz do Porto, R´B & Mr.SC e L.A Banda Larga. He collaborates with a variety of jazz orchestras including the Big Band of Hot Club de Portugal. He collaborated with the Guimarães Foundation Orchestra, Beiras Philharmonic Orchestra, Algarve Orchestra and Coimbra Classical Orchestra. As a freelancer he is always jumping between jazz, classical and pop.

André Conde


André Conde was born in Évora, where he began his musical studies at the age of five at the Academia de Música Eborense. After he studied at the Music Conservatory of the National Conservatory of Lisbon, doing trombone as main studies. In 2006 he is selected for the Youth Orchestra of the Mediterranean. In 2009 he completed his Bachelor of Music - Trombone, at Academia Nacional Superior de Orquestra (National Superior Orchestra Academy) in the class of Professor Reinaldo Guerreiro. A year before (2008) is selected to the Gustav Mahler Young Orchestra. In September 2009, he was admitted at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (University of the Arts in Zurich) in the Master's Degree in Orchestral Performance, in the class of Professor David Bruchez, with a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. During the year of 2010 collaborates regularly with Tonhalle Orchester Zürich and won the competition as Academist in the Zürich Opernhaus. In the season 2012/2013 integrates the Orchestra of the Zürich Opera in the position of Second Trombone and Assistant of First Trombone. In 2014, he completed his Master's in Specialized Performance - Soloist, also the University of Arts in Zurich ( in David Bruchez’s class). Within the conclusion of this master degree he is invited to a Solo Concert with Orchestra in the Czech Republic. As trombonist he also has training in the areas of ancient and contemporary music at the University of Arts in Zurich and Jazz at the Jazz School of Hot Club Portugal and at the University of Arts in Zurich. He attended several Masterclasses with several internationally recognized trombonists, such as Jacques Mauger, Jean Raffard, Dennis Wick, Charles Vernon, Zoltan Kiss, Jörgen van Rijen, David Taylor, Nitzan Haroz, Jay Friedman and Joseph Alessi. He has also integrated several national and foreign orchestras as guest trombonist such as Zürich Opernhaus/Philharmonia Zurich, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Tonhalle Orchester Zürich, Gullbenkian Orchestra, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, Porto Symphony Orchestra - Casa da Música, Sinfonietta Orchestra of Lisbon, Classical South Orchestra, among others. He joined the Gulbenkian Orchestra in the 2015-2016 season as Trombone - 1st Soloist. He is currently Trombone and Chamber Music Professor at the National Conservatory Music School (Lisbon) and at the University of Évora. He completed his PhD at the University of Évora in Music and Musicology - Specialty Interpretation.

Gonçalo Dias

Bass Trombone

Born in Nazaré, he began his musical studies at the Sociedade Filarmónica Maiorguense Regional Conservatory of Tomar with Professor Alexandre Vilela. He later entered the Porto Superior School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE) where he graduated in Bass Trombone with professor, Jon Etterbeek and Severo Martinez. Gonçalo regularly collaborates with Portugal’s principal National orchestras such as: Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, Porto Symphony Orchestra Casa da Música, Gulbenkian Orchestra, Lisbon Metropolitan, Lisbon Sinfonietta, Orquestra do Norte, Filarmonia das Beiras, Remix Ensemble of “Casa da Música” and also in Spain, with Symphony Orchestra of Galicia. He is a member of the Portuguese Symphonic Band, where he worked with many of the most prestigious conductors in this type of band, and of the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra (OJM), with which it has developedan excelente course national and international. At the moment he is Trombone teacher in EPMVC (Professional School of Music of Viana do Castelo) and AMCC (Academy of Music Costa Cabral).

Ricardo Antão


He is teacher of Euphonium and Chamber Music at the University of Aveiro, assistant teacher of Tuba and Euphonium and teacher of Chamber Music at ESMAE, Porto, teacher of Tuba and Euphonium and teacher of Chamber Music at JOBRA, teacher of Tuba and Euphonium at Paços de Brandão Music Academy and Yamaha Artist. Between 2012 and 2017 he taught Euphonium at Costa Cabral Music Academy (Porto) and Euphonium and Chamber Music at Covilhã Professional School of Arts (EPABI), in 2012/2013. He is frequently invited to lecture Masterclasses in Portugal and regularly plays as soloist. Founding member of the following ensembles: Portuguese Tuba Ensemble “How Low Can You Go?”, Trítono, DualSim, BlindDuo and Dual Soundway. He premiered works from André M. Santos, Matthew Murchison, Marco Alves, Daniel Moreira, Daniel Martinho, Filipe Lopes, Bruno Ferreira, Bernardo Lima e Samuel Pascoal. He was awarded prizes in national and international competitions, including a 1st Prize Junior Category at the National Competition Terras de La Salette, in Portugal in 2008, and a 3rd Prize at the International Tuba and Euphonium Competition, Artist Euphonium Division, in Linz, Austria, in 2012.

Mauro Martins


Mauro António Martins is a young Portuguese musician, born in Switzerland in 1995, for whom music since the age of 10 has been a motivation that has become a way of life that gives happiness and fulfillment. He had the first contact and passion for music in a Philharmonic Band like most of the wind performers in Portugal. At the age of 15, convinced of his professional options, he joined EPABI - Covilhã Professional School of Arts (Covilhã, Portugal), where he completed the Basic Instrument Course (2010-2013) and later the Wind and Percussion Instrument Course (2013-2016), in the euphonium class, having worked with teachers Nuno Machado, Ricardo Antão and Luís Oliveira, among others. In 2016, he applies and is admitted to the ESMAE - School of Music, Arts and Entertainment (Porto, Portugal), in the class of Professor Sérgio Carolino and Ricardo Antão. As a way of challenging himself, in an incessant search for learning, Mauro has participated in some international competitions, in which he emphasizes the 1st Prize in the international competition "Terras De La Salette" (Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal ), Junior (2014) and Senior (2015) categories, 1st Prize in the Filarmonia D'Ouro competition with the EPABI wind orchestra (2017) and 1st prize in the Concours International de Saxhorn, Euphonium and Tuba of Tours (2019). In his career, he emphasizes the influence of Sérgio Carolino, Thomas Rüedi, Demondrae Thurman, Anthony Caillet, Roland Szentpáli and Gene Pokorny. Mauro Martins has been gaining a place in the national and international musical scene, based on a dialectic of work and talent. He is an artist of the instruments brand ADAMS, MO?2; mouthpieces and Denis Wick.

Moderato Tangabile

Duo MODERATO TANGABILE is the tubist Sérgio Carolino and the pianist and composer Daniel Schvetz. The Duo unifies elements from different ambiances, between the urban inspiration and the evocation of ritual dances, habits, and routines from South America most austral country: Argentina.

Tango, Milonga, Balada, and Jazz, shape a homogeneous whole that evokes all the different musical aesthetics coexisting and interacting in this South-American country.


Duo Fact

Born in 2009, Duo Fact derives from the encounter between two artists with a solid career in classical music: Anthony Caillet e François Thuillier. These two strong personalities merge in the Duo their precious virtuosities in an original musical cocktail, giving to tuba and euphonium a deserved place in the World of Music.

The Duo defines itself for its dazzling dynamism, between minimalist pianíssimos and the explosive vitality of Funk. Its strong character, its power of persuasion and lyricism can capture the public attention from the first track.

Come and discover the Music, the passion and the joy of play!

Tubax Duo

As a result of a musical partnership that began in 1986, TUBAX DUO was born from interaction and permanent exchange of musical experiences that two good friends decided to put into action.

In fact, Sérgio Carolino and Mário Marques complement each other in several musical projects such as The Postcard Brass Band or Tubax Septet among others. At the same time, Tubax Duo is the group that gathers friendship and musical talent in the complicity of several years.

In order to explore the idiosyncrasies and melodic challenges of playing duo with two melodic instruments, Tubax Duo brings together the possibilities of musical coexistence between Mário Marques's saxophone and Sérgio Carolino's tuba without restrictions of genre or musical form.

Music by composers such as Howie Smith, Petri Keskitalo, Jon Hansen, Jeremie Dufort and arrangements of themes by John Zorn and Ennio Morricone give body to the Duo's first album.

European Tuba Trio

Born in 2006, the European Tuba Trio put together three musicians in love by jazz music. Anthony Caillet, Sérgio Carolino & François Thuillier, change the virtuosity whom which one as, for a provocative cocktail of original music's. Among that, this trio as the originality of been formed by one euphonium (tenor tuba) and two tubas. The group is noted by dynamism out of common, going from minimalists' pianissimos to the frenetic funky explosions! The European Tuba Trio plays exclusively on Yamaha Tubas, personalized mouthpieces by the Spanish Toni Romera (www.RomeraBrass.com) and with personalized tuba mutes by Johann Schlipfinger (www.tuba-mutes.com) from Austria.

Coletivo Breathe!

Breathe! is an artistic collective interested in performing pieces that live in places of transition between different disciplines. It is the case of the instrumental theatre pieces by composers as Mauricio Kagel and Vinko Globokar. Recently founded, the collective presented itself to the public for the first time on 21 march of the present year. It will perform at Festival Gravíssimo next August, as a duo, featuring Breathe! musicians Beatriz Mendes (trombone) and Inês Luzio (euphonium).

Duo 2Arts!

The 2Arts! duo project was born in 2019 as a wish of a couple to bring their passions together. A ballerina trained in both classical and contemporary dance and a tuba player, the unimaginable becomes a reality through their performances. This first year of existence introduces the group to audiences in Spain at the Numskull Brass Festival in Caudete and in a brass festival in Alcañiz. 2Arts! is currently organising a USA tour where it will present shows at Boston University College of Fine Arts and in Chicago at the end of the year or in early 2020. Sherezade and Jose are excited for what is just the beginning of an exciting project for all audiences.

Daniel Schvetz

Daniel Schvetz studied piano and composition at the Conservatório Nacional de Buenos Aires López Bouchard, composition at the Conservatório Beethoven, and electroacoustic music at the Ricardo Rojas University. He participated in the Cursos Latino-americanos de Música Contemporânea and IRCAM’s summer courses. He studied piano with Roberto Brando, Moises Makaroff, M. R. Oubiña de Castro, composition, counterpoint and fugue with Guillermo Graetzer, and analysis and 20th-century harmony with Fermina Casanova. He travelled widely across Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, as a performer and a researcher of traditional music, and several of his works during that period were inspired by the richness of the musical styles, and the poetry, literature and cultural traditions of those geographies and people. He was a member of several improvisatory projects: folkloric inspiration in “Luna” and “Canto Entero”, tango in “El Borde” and “Duo Naka-Schvetz”, and contemporary music projects such as “Ophris” with César Viana, performing works by Portuguese composers, and the ensembles Daniel Schvetz Septet, Duo Moderato Tangabile with tuba player Sérgio Carolino, and Duo ‘Pois é’ with the singer Sara Belo. He has composed for orchestra, choir and soloists. His major works include the operas O Principezinho and O Defunto,The Conference od Birds, Misatango and a Concerto for bandoneon and orchestra, the ballet “ The Denmark Gentleman” ( based on Sophia de Mello Breynner original text).

Anne Victorino d’Almeida

Violin teacher at the National Conservatory Music School, her musical career is shared between teaching, interpretation and composition, awarded in 1997 with the Best Musical Proposal for Theater in the 97 Decade, her work covers choral works, chamber music, symphonic and soundtracks.

Daniel Bernardes

Daniel Bernardes was born in Alcobaça on June 26, 1986. He began studying piano at the age of 5 and at 18 he moved to Paris, admitted at the prestigious École Normale de Musique de Paris. He returns to Portugal to dedicate himself to Jazz, studying with Filipe Melo at the Luiz Villas-Boas Jazz School, then joining the Superior School of Music of Lisbon where, by the hand of João Paulo Esteves da Silva, he becomes the first Jazz Piano Master of this institution. Currently attends the PhD in Music Arts at the New University of Lisbon. He is awarded the Prize for Best Performer, Superior level, at the Jazz Festival in S. Luiz. In 2010 he presents his trio at Casa da Música with which he launches his debut album "Nascem da Terra" in 2013. He also works intensely as a composer in the quest to merge the universes of jazz and classical music by being awarded the Young Creators Scholarship of the National Center for Culture for the project "Daniel Bernardes' Crossfade Ensemble", and in collaboration with the Drumming Group of Percussion, creates "The Liturgy of the Birds" a project in honor of Olivier Messiaen, awarded by the GDA Foundation. From the collections of Michel Giacometti creates "O Rondó da Carpideira" a multi-disciplinary show in partnership with the saxophonist Mário Marques and the multimedia artist Gonçalo Tarquínio. He also works for Theater assuming the musical direction of "Cimbelino" by W. Shakespeare with António Pires staging for Teatro do Bairro as well as "Sweet Home Europe" by D. Carnevali with staging by João Pedro Mamede, in a production of the National Theater D. Maria II. He made his film debut with João Botelho's "Pilgrimage" Soundtrack.

Cândido Fernandes

Cândido Fernandes was born in 1989 and began his musical studies at the Porto Conservatory of Music in 2001. He has received an MA in Music from the University of Évora, an MA in Education from the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and completed a post-graduate programme in Educational Administration from the School of Sociology and Public Policy at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE). He has been an accompanist pianist at the Music School of the National Conservatory since 2008/2009 and has participated actively in a diverse range of other projects.

Bernardo Pinhal

Winner of several national competitions, having completed in 2016 the Master in Performance as student of Claudio Martinez Mehner in Basel (with scholarship of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation), and Professor at the Music and Dance Conservatory of Bragança and Academia Fernandes Fão.

Telmo Marques


Pianist and composer from Porto, professor at ESMAE – Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment of Porto (Musical Analysis and Jazz Orchestra), holds activity as a concert player in recitals, training actions and educational concerts.

João Carvalho


João Carvalho began to play his first musical notes in the Musical Band of his land, Santa Marinha do Zêzere. He discovered that music would be his path and, due to that he went to the Music Conservatory of Porto and, later, at EPABI (Professional School of Arts of Beira Interior). He graduated in Music at ESML (Superior School of Music of Lisbon) and later, wanting to improve and pursue his studies, he joined the Hochschule der Künste Bern, where he concludes with distinction and in the top rank of Excellent, the Masters in Musical Performance in the class of professor Thomas Ruedi. During his route he won some musical contests: 1st Prize in the 2nd National Conpetition of Wind Instruments "Terras de La Salette", junior category; 1st Prize in the 1st National Conpetition of Wind Instruments "Terras de La Salette", senior category. He is currently a member of the Republican National Guard Symphonic Band and is linked to other parallel musical projects.

José Rosas


José Rosas, born in Viana do Castelo, started his studies at the Viana do Castelo Academy, in the class of professor Nélson Silva. In 2013, he joined the Professional School of Music of Viana do Castelo under the class of professor Ricardo Pereira. In 2015, he obtained the 3rd place in the juvenile category at the international competition Terras de La Salette and, in 2016, in the same contest, obtained the 3rd place in the Junior category. Subsequently, in 2018, he won the 2nd prize in the 2nd International Trombone Competition and the 1st prize in the international competition Terras de La Salette. During his academic career, he participated in masterclasses with numerous trombonists, such as Ricardo Pereira, Gabriel Antão, Kevin Hakes, Juan Carlos Matamoros, Filipe Alves, Severo Martinez, Achilles Liarmakopoulos, Ricardo Mollá Albero, Mario Calvo Ponce, Eyvind Sommerfelt Osg and Jon Eterbeek. At the chamber music level, José Rosas joined the Vianna Bones Quartet trombone quartet, having won, in 2015, the 1st place in the 1st Vila Verde Chamber Music Competition and later, in 2016, the 30th edition of the Young Musicians Prize in medium level chamber music. Still in the ambit of chamber music, they had the opportunity to work with the pianist Olga Prats. Parallel to his activities with chamber music and solo, he participated in several orchestra stages with numerous renowned maestros: Javier Viceiro, Rafa Agulló Albors, Octavio Mas-arocas, José Alberto Pina, Jordi Francés, Fernando Marinho, Juan Carlos Diaz , Hans Casteleyn, Peter Askim, Julian Lombana, Ernst Schelle, José Miguel Pérez Sierra, Krzysztof Penderecki, Maciej Tworek and Thomas Hauschild. He is currently in the second year of his degree in the ESMAE – Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment of Porto in the class of Professor Severo Martinez and is part of the Youth Orchestra of the Galicia Symphony Orchestra.

Miguel Barros


Miguel Barros was born on August 12, 1998 in Viana do Castelo. He entered, at the age of 10, at the Music Academy of Viana do Castelo in the class of Professor Nélson Silva and later in the class of Professor Ricardo Pereira. In his 10th year, he joined the Professional School of Music of Viana do Castelo, guided by Professor Gonçalo Dias. At this moment he continues to study at ESMAE – Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment of Porto. As individual prizes, he was awarded a second place in the "Terras de la Salette" International Competition in the Junior category, second place in the Alto Minho Wind Competition in the Senior category, and a first place in the Trombone Competition of Castelo de Paiva in the Bass Trombone category.

Sofia Moody


Sofia Moody began her musical studies at the age of 4 on piano. At age 6 she began to learn harp at the National Conservatory and a year later she returned to the piano. At the age of 10 she decided to change to percussion, taking private lessons with Elizabeth Davis and later studied with Tatiana Martins and Fábio Dias at the Metropolitana Orchestra Music Conservatory. In 2012 she joined the Metropolitana Professional School where she studied for a year with Marco Fernandes, Miguel Herrera, João Carlos Pacheco and Andreu Rico and followed the rest of the tuba course with Henrique Costa and Adélio Carneiro. She started his degree at the National Superior Orchestra Academy, with Adélio Carneiro, in 2016. She has been attending several Masterclasses throughout his training career with Peter Carneiro, Peter Vulperhorst, Jeffrey Davis, John Psathas, among others (percussion) and Daniel Perantoni, Alfonso Molla, Andreas Hofmeir, Anne Jelle Visser, Stephane Labeyrie and Alessandro Fossi (tuba). she won the second prize in the Senior Tuba category at the Terras de La Salette 2016 competition and the second classification in the Tuba category, Superior Level of the Young Musicians Prize 2017.

João Costa


João Costa was born on October 8, 1996 in Oliveira de Azeméis. He entered, at the age of 8, in the Music School of the Bissecular Banda de Música de Santiago de Riba-Ul, with professor Nuno Costa. In 2012 he finished the 5th degree level at the Academy of Music in Oliveira de Azeméis. In the same year, he started the Instrumentalist Course of blow and percussion at the Conservatório de Música da Jobra, with the professor Abílio Liberal, which finished in 2015, with a final average of 20. After that, he entered the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo (ESMAE), with professor Sérgio Carolino. Here he had the opportunity of working with the ESMAE Symphonic Orchestra, jointly with the conductors António Saiote, José Eduardo Gomes, Javier Viceiro, and Andreas Stoehr. In 2018 he awarded the first prize (senior category) in the International Competition “Terras de La-Salette”. He is presently a teacher at the Music School Santa Cecília (Carregosa) and at the School Music Banda de Santiago de Riba-Ul and works with the Banda Sinfónica da Associação Recreativa Musical Amigos da Branca (ARMAB) and the Banda de Música de Carregosa.

Floyd O. Cooley

Nationally and internationally known tubist Floyd O. Cooley has been heard in recital throughout the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Taiwan, China and Japan, appearing as soloist, clinician, giving Master Classes, and as a member of the San Francisco Symphony (SFS).

Floyd joined the San Francisco Symphony in 1969, at the time the youngest tuba player in any major orchestra in the United States. Since then he has soloed with that orchestra on two occasions, under the baton of Seiji Ozawa and Jahja Ling, given recitals in a wide variety of places, including Carnegie Hall, commissioned works by Earl Zindars and Richard Felciano and recorded three solo albums, The Romantic Tuba on Crystal Records, A Schumann Fantasy on Summit Records, and Friends in Low Places on Albany Records. He played the 1992-1993 season with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Floyd spent one year at Kansas University and received a Performer's Certificate from Indiana University in 1969. While at Indiana he studied with William Bell, and also has studied with Mstislav Rostropovich, Jacob Krachmalnick and Mark Lifschey. He Studied with Arnold Jacobs from 1968-1998.

In 2001 after 31 years playing with the SFS he turned his career towards teaching. Prior to leaving the SFS, Floyd taught at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Stanford University and DePaul University. His teaching has taken him to New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Japan, China, Taiwan and Central Europe. Currently he is at DePaul University teaching tuba, Pedagogy and teaching people to Teach One on One.

Hirotaka Nakai

Born in 1986, Hirotaka Nakai started playing horn since 12 years old. He has been working in Atelier Momo after graduating from high school. His work in the Atelier was making mouthpieces for brass instruments, repairing and remodeling instruments. As the only one apprentice of Mr.Momotake Kawamura, he took over the Atelier and renewed as BrassLab.MOMO from April of 2019. He is delighted to help all the needs of each person as a general brass instrument Atelier.

Thomas Lubitz

Started playing trumpet by the age of 10 Years, which lead into the craftsmenship of instrument building. After finishing technical school started an apprentice ship at a repair shop, and finished examination then working in different repair workshops and companies. In 1981 moved to Munich to work at manufacture “Ganter”, specialist for trumpets, Vienna horns, and Trombones. At same time also further education to achieve the Master degree. Changed company to Melton/ Meinl Weston in Geretsried near Munich. Special works for tuba and tuba development. Working as Meister for custom made instruments for artists as well as production for tubas. Since 1991 joined the company Yamaha as specialist for research &development. Responsible for all brass instruments with specialty for custom adjustments for musicians and Yamaha artists. Here especially created a world wide network with musicians and other technicians to develop the next generation of brass instruments for Yamaha.

Walter Nirschl

From 1979 to 1981 he was apprentice at Melton/Meinl Weston company. In1986 he got his master degree. In 1992 Walter took over the company Böhm& Meinl, bm symphonic. In 1996 he made the first real copy of the famous CSO York Tuba. Since 2005, Walter he’s only manufacturing hand made instruments.

Mário Dinis Marques

Born in 1972 in the city of Alcobaça. He studied saxophone at the Music Conservatoire of Lisbon. In 2002 he graduated in saxophone at the Superior School of Music of Lisbon and in 2015 the PhD at the University of Évora. He attended several courses and masterclasses with professors such as Jean-Ives Fourmeau, Daniel Deffayett, Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet, James Houlik, Claude Delangle. Played solo with Orquestra das Beiras, Orquestra do Centro, Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa, Banda Sinfónica da P.S.P., Banda da Armada Portuguesa, Sinfonietta de Lisboa and Banda Sinfónica de Alcobaça. He collaborated in several television and musical theater programs and recorded with several portuguese groups as The Gift, Silence4, Bernardo Sassetti, Amália Hoje, among others. He has earned the credit of several composers who have dedicated works such as Daniel Bernardes, António Victorino d'Almeida, Luís Cardoso, Christopher Bochmann, Howie Smith, Petri Keskitalo, Jon Hansen, among others. He also has as his personal projects, such as the groups Tubax, Rondó da Carpideira, The Postcard Brass Band, Mário Marques & Gonçalo Pescada and the Saxofínia Saxophones Quartet, where besides musician, also works in the production and publishing of discs. Multifaceted musician and musical producer of several discs, he has applied his experience in the study of musical interpretation and performative practice, presenting articles in several conferences. He is assistant professor in the Music Department of the University of Évora where, in addition to teaching, is Director of the Master in Music. He is a founding member of the recently created Portuguese Saxophone Association and panel member of the II European Congress of Saxophone held in July 2017 in the city of Porto. He is an artist of the brand Cannonball saxophones and D´áddario reeds.

Marco Clemente

Physiotherapist since 1997, graduated from Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão, and Osteopath since 2009, graduated from the School of Osteopathy of Madrid. During these 22 years, has always been dedicated to the musculoskeletal conditions, having carried out several formations and post-graduations, among which Global Postural Reeducation, Muscular Chains, Temporomandibular Dysfunctions. He is a professor and coordinator of the Graduate Program in "Physical Therapy in Vertebral Spine Dysfunctions", at Escola Superior de Saúde da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa  and promoter of several social entrepreneurship projects in the area of health promotion and wellbeing. Has been dedicated to the study of Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness, applied to the promotion of health and management of physical problems such as pain. Manages the company Physioclem, in which also makes his clinical practice since 2002.